Time for something new…

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polititick_logo_square_small.jpg   From sometime in 2012 to about 2014 I managed the video blog website, polititick.  The site averaged one upload each day, most commonly a short video called The Daily Charles, featuring outtakes from the Fox News Special Report segment known as the All Star Panel.  The segment stars Charles Krauthammer, a syndicated columnist known for his crisp conservative bent and timely wit.

And then once each week, on Tuesday, I would post a “Videtorial” aptly titled The Tuesday Tick.

After two years of getting up at three in the morning before heading off to my full-time job, and working on my edits through dinner until bedtime, well… I just ran out of gas and abandoned the project.

But still… I keep getting ideas, the current political climate never ceases to amaze, and anyway, I have a few scripts on my mind that might make interesting material… so keep an eye on this page.  We’ll see what happens.

In closing… one of my older, but favorite “Videtorials”…

polititick_logo_square_teeny tiny.jpg

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