Kitchen Table Theology

The order of these videos got messed up because after making Episode I it was decided an introduction was needed.  So Episode I was renamed Episode II, and a brief introductory video replaced it.  As commented on the ABOUT page, these were early attempts at videography, and reflect the work of an amateur.  Some think this actually adds a down-home quality.  You be the judge.

It was very disappointing to find, on a recent review of the YouTube page, some of the videos had been altered.  For example, one had the audio completely removed because someone made a copyright claim that went unchallenged (it’s a busy life).  And on a few of the others the soundtrack or certain clips within the video have been corrupted (somehow) which detracts a bit.

So, if you notice the sound or the image skipping or blacking out, you’ve discovered it. The originals are fine; it’s not an example of poor editing.  Plans are underway to make corrections and do a re-posting of the missing episodes sometime in the hopefully near future.

After converting to Catholicism an argument erupted, (a friendly argument), between Tom and a close Protestant friend, concerning the issue of Sola Scriptura, the belief that the authority for a Christian lies in the Bible Alone.  In closing they agreed to continue the discussion electronically.  Tom would write up a letter, or article, and send it to his friend by email.  After writing the piece, the momentum took over, and instead of an article, the email to his friend included a link to this next video.

And the momentum carried right over into Episode III – Holy Communion.  The opening music is a clip from a song by the Christian-Rock band, Third Day.  Good Protestant’s from Georgia (I believe).  I hope they don’t mind… it just fit so well.

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